If a beautiful set of teeth is what you’re after, modern dental science offers you almost limitless possibilities. ceramic veneer

A veneer made completely from ceramic material is used for twisted, broken teeth or smaller front teeth.

Other reasons for making it are severe discolouring, badly shaped teeth, poor axle line and too big a gap between two adjacent teeth. Moreover, we can give you the sort of white teeth you`ve always dreamed of having.

A broken tooth is not only unsightly, but if it is left untreated, can cause problems to the root below it.

An excellent method of treating this is with a tooth veneer. As well as being able to keep the natural tooth your appearance will also improve.

The tooth veneer is wafer-thin and made completely from translucent, ceramic material. It is customised for our patients, so that it fits perfectly onto the discoloured or broken tooth.

The tooth enamel, which is very important, is hardly damaged since only a very small amount must be removed from the tooth so that the veneer can be applied.

It has impressive translucent qualitites and looks exactly like a natural tooth. It contains absolutely no metal and is completely safe.

The veneer is generally made for the upper surface of the teeth and is only about 0.5 mm thick.

This ceramic veneer is applied to the tooth with a special dental adhesive, thanks to which the veneer remains in place for a long time.

Veneers are the embodiment of the optimal, aestheticaly pleasing and natural- looking tooth replacement. Every veneer is precision made. The result is long-lasting and doesn’t cause discolouration.


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