Milk teeth

Their structure is different from that of permanent teeth and, partly because of dental erosion and partly because of root resorption, they decay and go bad a lot more quickly. For this reason, it is essential that when there is tooth decay, it should be detected in time and treated by children’s dentistry.milk teeth

The teeth decay more easily because the tooth enamel is half as thick as that of permanent teeth.

When the decay has only just appeared on the surface of the milk tooth and is still not very extensive, it is easier to remove the decayed part by polishing and then painting with fluoride varnish.

Another danger is that the permanent teeth that have pushed through come into direct contact with the decayed milk teeth. The tooth decay can then spread and cause serious damage to the permanent teeth.

It often happens that both the milk teeth and permanent teeth suffer accidental damage. They must also be treated by children’s dentistry.

Removal of the milk teeth may become necessary for various reasons, e.g. advanced tooth decay or to straighten the teeth.



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