Surgical Extraction

If a large part of the tooth has been built up with filling material or it has an inlay or a crown was made for it or, perhaps years before, its root was treated, in most cases a simple extraction will be unsuccessful or not even attempted.

In such cases, the tooth or its root is surgically opened and removed from the jaw bone. This procedure requires special instruments and surgical expertise on the part of the dentist carrying out the operation.

An incision is made in the gum, following which the bone surrounding the tooth is removed using a special drill and then the tooth or root of the tooth is extracted by means of a so-called elevator.

Following this, any inflamed tissue is removed from the wound.

At the end of the operation the wound is stitched. The stitches are removed on the seventh day after the operation.

After surgical extraction of the tooth, pain-killers are prescribed for the patient (e.g. 3×1 Cataflam). If the case is serious enough to justify it, we also prescribe antibiotics which must be taken for 5-7 days.

After a surgical extraction, the face may become swollen, but the swelling will go down in 1-3 days if ice is applied.

The pain felt after the operation can be controlled using the pain-killers prescribed and after 2-3 days will almost completely disappear and there will be no further need to take pain-killers.



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