The overdenture replacement technique is used when all the patient’s teeth are missing, and involves the fitting of a removable denture to dental implants.

Preparation process:

Like all dental procedures the making of the overdenture begins with a personal examination, during which our dentist examines the oral cavity and anatomical particularities of the patient.

Following this, we consult with the patient and together we choose the best option available for them and prepare them for the procedure.

The first stage in the process is the fitting of the implants. Following this, there is a recovery period of on average 4-6 months. Older patients, however, may need longer to recover.

At the end of the recovery period, we place a special structure onto the implants.

The denture is fixed to this special structure by means of studs, which ensures that the denture is securely fixed, but can at the same time be removed simply and easily.

The removable dentures can be taken out by the patient without the need of a dentist because they can be loosened from the supporting teeth.

Being able to take out these dentures means that they are easy to clean and problems with oral hygiene can be avoided.



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