Root Tip Resection

If the root of the tooth is not treated in time or badly treated, chronic inflammation can form around the tip of the root.

For a long time this causes no problems to the patient, because the immune system is constantly fighting against the bacteria penetrating the tip of the root.

This chronic inflammation is a seat of infection for our body, which can be the cause of several other symptoms: increased hair loss, painful joints and spots around the mouth.

Two steps must be taken in order to alleviate the chronic inflammation around the tip of the root: the first step is to treat the root of the tooth, or if it has already been treated we replace the leaking filling. The second step is to carry out the surgical operation to remove the root tip.

The operation is carried out using local anaesthetic.

After the incision to the gum we remove the root tip and the inflamed tissues surrounding it.

We stitch the wound and the stitches are removed in 7 days.

We prescribe pain killers for any pain suffered after the operation.

After the operation, if there is any swelling to the face, it will go down after 2 or 3 days if ice is applied to it.

The resection operation on the lower and upper molars demands great skill from the dentist performing this procedure, because it is a tricky operation and can lead to complications.



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