Fitting a tooth jewel

tooth jewelleryNowadays, this is one of the most popular cosmetic techniques and it does not have any harmful side effects on the teeth.

The proud owner of this tiny jewel will draw attention to themselves every time they speak or smile.

This obviously only looks good on nice, clean teeth, so it is worth having your unsightly fillings replaced before you have the jewel fitted to your teeth.

Tooth jewellery comes in many different shapes and colours, but for my own part, I would recommend a colourless or white gem.

How is the jewel fitted?

Cosmetic (tooth- coloured ) adhesive is used, which we also use for cementing a brace, so the jewel can remain in place for many years.

If, however, you no longer want to wear it, it can be easily removed by simple polishing, without causing any damage to the tooth enamel.


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