Operations to remove cysts

These are abnormal membranous sacs, containing fluid, which are found in the jaw bones which continuously grow because of the constant pressure in them and destroy the bone surrounding them.

We divide the oral cavity cysts into two main groups, depending on their origin:

–                 cysts of non-dental origin

–                 cysts of dental origin

Cysts of non-dental origin are more dangerous and larger, so their treatment requires an operation followed by a stay in hospital.

Cysts of dental origin are treated using local anaesthetic and do not require a stay in hospital.

The aim of the operation is the complete removal of the cyst and putting an end to the damage to the bone.

The cyst can reappear if the HÁMBÉLÉS is not perfect. If necessary the damaged bone is filled with a replacement material.

The stages of the operation to remove the cyst:

We make a larger than average incision in the gum.

We try to remove the whole cyst.

If necessary, we fill the bone cavity with a special material; then we stitch the wound.

The stitches are removed 7-14 days after the operation.

We check that the bone is healing properly for a year after the operation and we take an X-ray, 6 months after the operation, then a second X-ray after a further 6 months.


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