Extraction of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth appear after the age of 16. It often happens that because of some problem or other they don`t break through the gum or do so only partially.

In certain rare cases the CSIRA is missing from the wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth that has been prevented from breaking through is under the gum or partially concealed behind the back molars.

Remains of food get stuck between the gum and the part of the crown of the tooth found below it, which cannot be removed by brushing the teeth.

This can cause inflammation around the wisdom tooth, which leads to the following problems:

–         intermittent or constant dull pain around the wisdom tooth

–         inflammation of the gum

–         swelling on the face

–         shooting pains in the ear

–         lockjaw

–         high temperature

The wisdom tooth should be extracted in the following cases:

–         inflammation around the wisdom tooth that has occurred several times

–         deep and inflamed gum TASAK around the wisdom tooth

–         the wisdom tooth has pushed against the tooth in front

–         a decayed wisdom tooth that has partially come through

–         for orthodontic purposes

–         the wisdom tooth that has partially come through worsens the crowding of the teeth

The wisdom tooth that is causing all the problems must be removed surgically.

Local anaesthetic is administered for the operation, but if all four wisdom teeth are extracted at the same time, then a general anaesthetic is given.

During the operation we drill through the bone around the wisdom tooth, remove the tooth using special instruments and afterwards stitch the wound.

After the operation we prescribe antibiotics and pain killers for the patient. Following the operation there will be swelling around the wound, which will go down in a few days.


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