This is a preventive technique, used on children in order to prevent tooth decay on the permanent teeth that have just pushed through.

Sealing of fissuresThis is a completely pain-free process, in which, after the teeth have been prepared by polishing, the fissures on the surface of the teeth are sealed with a liquid sealant, which solidifies when exposed to light.

Thanks to this, we can prevent bacteria and the remains of food from adhering to the bottom of the fissure, which would cause tooth decay. The sealant releases fluoride.

When should the fissures be sealed?

For small and large back teeth, if possible no more than 12 months after they have pushed through, for children between the ages of 6 and 18. Fissure seals should be checked every six months, because they sometimes fall out or wear out.

This is particularly important for teeth with deep fissures because they are very difficult to keep clean using a toothbrush. The surfaces of the fissure seals are smooth, so plaque cannot adhere to them.

When are they not used?

– If patients are sensitive to fluoride.

– When tooth decay has already begun at the bottom of the fissures. In such cases, after drilling, a filling is needed or an extended fissure sealing

How long does the procedure last?

Only a few minutes are needed to treat each tooth.


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