1. Did you know that problems with the oral cavity are connected with general illnesses?

2. Did you know that if you detect tooth decay in time, you can reverse it with appropriate oral hygiene, without requiring treatment by a dentist?

3. Did you know that in most cases, if you have sensitive teeth it can be a sign of problems with your gums?

4. Did you know that if you have gum disease and it is not treated, it can end up in you losing your teeth?

5. Did you know that if you use a toothpaste specially chosen for you, you can prevent the formation of plaque and avoid most problems arising from oral hygiene.

6. Did you know that the first step, for whatever dental procedure you would like, is to have a dental check-up?

A dental check-up will provide reassuring answers to the above but in addition, we will examine any complaints you have, such as bleeding gums, sensitive gums or abscesses on the periodontium.


          STEP BY STEP

1. When you come into our dental surgery we will first of all sit you down in a comfortable armchair and help you to fill in a form, which will provide us with information about your present state of health and previous treatment. At the same time, we will decide whether or not you have an illness that requires special attention and because of which we should exclude all complicated procedures.

2. Following this, our dentist will examine your oral cavity, teeth and gums.

3. With the help of the dental hygienist we will record any problems revealed on your personal data sheet. If necessary, we will take photographs of your particular problems with an oral dental camera.

4. We will then decide on the course of your treatment, dividing your problems into the following three types depending on their urgency:

    • those requiring immediate treatment from the dentist
    • those requiring prompt treatment,
    • those that can be treated in the future.

Though our prices are reasonable, not everybody can afford to pay out a large sum of money for their dental treatment, so we arrange the stages of the treatment plan to correspond to the monthly amount that you decide that you can spend on having your teeth treated.

Thanks to this, you will always know what you have to pay and when and for what treatment.

  5. Finally, after we have given you some advice on dental hygiene, you will receive an oral   hygiene package to deal with your personal problem.



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